Technological Superiority

Home Our History Financial Strength Technological Superiority Quality Systems  Our technology advantage is multifaceted. Our software capabilities allow us to have a deep understanding of and access to federal government data bases for military procurement providing us speed to market and historical analytical prowess second to none. The ability to provide in-depth, proactive, market intelligence in regards to historical procurement history, ADQ (Annual Demand Quantity) 2 year projections on individual NSNs, and POS monthly activity ratios containing but not limited to: win/loss ratios; percentage won versus competing lines, analysis of obsolete items (thereby informing our partners on opportunities to recapture found business on obsolete material that can be worth remanufacturing due to renewed FMS opportunities).

Many other custom features are also available for our Platinum-Program-Vendor™

Our proactive approach to obtaining and analyzing procurement data, history, and projections, combined with over 100 years of combined staff experience provides our OEM Vendors huge tactical as well as increased revenue producing opportunities over time.