Executive Summary

Gilles Aouizerat – CEO

Gilles has over 14 years of experience in the Independent distribution market and has built PCX into a respected and successful company with a focus on satisfying customers. Gilles graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of California, Riverside. Mr. Aouizerat is responsible for the direction of PCX and overseeing the overall operations of the company.

His commitment to service and support is well known. He believes that ‘the buck stops with me’ and that accountability, accessibility, and creativity in being a supply solution partner are of paramount importance.

His direct number is 714-374-3214 and his email is gil@pcxco.com.

Mike Portune – Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Mike is responsible for all of the PCX accounting functions. Mike brings many years of accounting experience to PCX.

His number is 714-374-3214 Ext. 5003 and his email is mportune@pcxco.com

Sara Burrell - VP Commercial Sales

Sara Burrell is a 16 year veteran of PCX, Inc. who has held several management positions in the company including Warehouse Manager, Quality Manager, Director of Distributor Sales, Director of Sales and now VP of Sales.

Sara brings a deep bench of experience that in all aspects of the organization enabling her to support our staff, clients, vendors very effectively.

Her direct number is 714-374-3218 and her email is sara@pcxco.com

Chris Brown - VP Domestic Government and Foreign Military Sales

Chris is retired MGySgt. USMC, 22 years. Following his illustrious military career Chris then went on to lead sales organizations to great success in the last 10 years focusing in on creating value for government customers.

Chris brings a unique blend of deep understanding of how government procurement works to support the war fighter and significant leadership and relationship skills.

His direct number is 714-677-1285 / Fax 714-274-1282 and his email is Christopher@pcxco.com

Liliane Vilain – Vice President of Business Operations

Liliane brings over 20 years of international experience to PCX, Inc. As Director of Business Operations, Liliane ensures that all Accounts Receivable are current and maintains a level of professionalism rarely seen in our industry.

Lillian's constant customer advocacy turns first-time customer relationships into ongoing partnerships.

Her direct number is 714-374-3072 and her email is liliane@pcxco.com

Edward Dimmler – Director of Quality

As Director of Quality, Ed is responsible for maintaining and improving our quality processes and ensuring our operations are running as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our proprietary Star Quality Program, a 67 step visual inspection process, is just one of the many PCX differences Ed helped to develop.

Ed brings more then 26 years of experience in Independent Distribution.

His direct number is 714-677-1286 and email is ed@pcxco.com